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Bioscience Careers

Patient services coordinator

Patient services coordinator

Patient services coordinators work as liaisons between patients and the health care organization, with their primary role being to provide excellent patient service. Depending on the specific work environment, patient services coordinators field phone calls from patients, helping answer their questions by listening, educating and problem solving. Individuals in the patient services coordinator role must be able to quickly identify patient needs and work to resolve issues in a friendly, professional manner.

As part of their work, coordinators must assess patient issues, such as deciding when an issue requires escalation to the next level of management and determining the best path forward. Working to provide superior patient service, coordinators must interact with team members, employees of other organizational departments, medical personnel such as doctors and the public.

Most patient services coordinators work as part of a larger team in a highly visible setting. Coordinators represent the hospital or biotechnology firm for which they work. To many patients, they are the organization.

Individuals best suited for this position are energetic and friendly and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment in collaboration with others providing similar services to patients. Strong verbal and written communication skills, along with good listening and decision-making skills, are the foundation for a successful patient services coordinator. Understanding the specific products and regulations of the particular industry also is critical to providing good patient service.

Career Opportunities

Entry level patient services coordinators who prove themselves adept at successfully resolving patient issues in a way that leaves patients feeling supported and empowered may advance to higher levels within their department. In most organizations, increasing levels of management exist for handling patient issues. With experience, training and knowledge, coordinators may be promoted into these management positions, such as team lead, supervisor and manager.


Individuals with a high school diploma and previous work experience in a customer service role may be hired as a patient services coordinator. A bachelor’s degree, however, is preferred, in a communications or science-related field. Knowledge of medical technology and prior experience working in a medical setting are highly valued. Computer skills are required.


The average salary for patient services coordinators is $47,000, according to a regional search of available jobs by The national average is $42,633, according to Salary information is current as of June 2008.